Assigment About Marine Tourist Attraction Development

Case :

1. Pangandaran beach is a famous destination in West Java Province. There was a nature disaster (tsunami) that attack the beach in July 2006, killed more than 500 people (tourist and locals), destructed tourism facilities and local's settlement. It was started by local earthquake in Pangandaran. It was assumed that Pangandaran beach as a crowded destination by visitors, had no early warning system. Nobody realized that after the earthquake, tsunami came to Pangandaran beach. We can not prevent the nature disaster but we still can minimize the impact of it at the destination.

Please answer the following questions:

a. Why beach destination is prone to nature disaster?

b. Why there is no an early warning system at the time of nature disaster?

c. How do you handle this nature disaster for tourist at the location?

d. How is the re-branding image of Pangandaran beach after hit by tsunami?