1. Positive impacts of creating urban tourism one of them is revitalization of old town as a historical city. Jakarta old town, well known as Batavia city is most visited tourist attraction in Jakarta by locals and international tourist. The area of old Jakarta start from Sunda Kelapa harbour, Jembatan Kota Intan, Fatahillah Square and Glodok Chinatown. Local government and others stakeholders conserved old buildings, location, bridge and others historical remains. This conservation of Jakarta histroical city purposed to provide the history of Jakarta to locals (for non-tourist purpose) and also provide the attraction in Jakarta. Negative impacts of urban tourism in old town are congestion of visitors at the destination. Visitors crowded the most popular historical site such as Fatahillah square, even sometimes they prefer to take pictures only with the background without understanding the history of the building. Other negative impact is the pressure to old building then impacted to the vandalism of old buidling or decrease of physical part of old buidling.

Please answer the following questions:

a. Why is it important to conserve the old town as a part of Jakarta urban tourism?

b. How is the historical site of Jakarta as an urban tourism?

c. How do you minimize the negative impacts tourism to old building in Jakarta?

d. How do you develop the positive impact tourism to old town in Jakarta?

e. How do you design a historic town trail for tourist that will help solve some of the tourism problem in the town (e.g. spread congestion, improve interpreation facilities etc)