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Kasepuhan Banten Kidul Ciptagelar is a Sundanese Wiwitan indigenous pepole that has been living for 645 years at the area of Halimun Salak National Park as an enclave at the area. The culture of the community (as it is a focuses to plant the rice as a staple food of locals. It is one year life cycle for the locals, started by the ceremony of ngaseuk as the first time planting the rice, then maintaning and finally harvesting time. Local genus of the way planting rice is only harvested once a year and they use local seeds to keep its quality.
Every ceremony is always inviting guest from the area and city, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor and others. After all, they celeberate a seren taun ceremony (a thanksgiving day) as the biggest traditional ceremony ever at the village. Thousand people came to the village in Seren Taun ceremony by walking, motocycle and 4WD vehicle.

As a community that has been living at the area of enclave in National Park, more and less, it will impact to national park. This become a problem for national park itself. But, fortunately local genus of the community also teach them how to respect mother nature. This moral teaching is well known as follow:

Please answer following questions:

a. Who are stakeholders within the national park of Gunung Halimun Salak?

b. How do you deal with local traditional communty as national park officer?

c. Why local traditional community is still allowed to stay at enclave area of national park?

d. What are the impacts of Seren Taun ceremony to national park?