ASSIGNMENT-Rural Tourist Attraction Development

1. Sawarna is a village based on southern coastal of Java Island. The village is located at Bayah district, Lebak regency, Banten province. It is usually reached via Pelabuhan Ratu harbour, Sukabumi regency. Geographically, Sawarna has a potential for developing a rural tourist attraction, provided by beauty of hilly landscap and beach. Most visitors came to Sawarna because want to see the beauty of the beach and good place for surfing. Some international tourist (mostly surfers) often stay till a week to enjoy surfing experience at Sawarna beach.

Rural tourist attraction in Sawarna majority developed by local people, especially pioneered by Pak Ade, as an informal leader at the village since 2007. This become a booming tourist industry that impact positively to social, economy and culture. Rapid transforming of land use, increase number of lodge, restaurant and visitors make tourism is main business for locals, not an alternative income.

But on the other hand, rapid growing Sawarna negatively assumed to the impact of environment. Provision of street that connect form the entrance gate to the beach is only a trail, enough only for pedestrian for tourist on foot. But the worst things are sometimes motorbike use the same trails. Congestion happened on a trail, especially on high season holiday. It is also assumed that an euphoria is now happening in Sawarna. Locals' participation in tourism is very high. It is important to make a good planning for next development of rural tourism.

Please answer the following questions:

a. What is the main reason for locals to develop rural tourism?

b. What are the impacts of rapid growing tourism facilities in Sawarna?

c. Is there any local or non-local investor that run the business at the village?

d. Why the process is so fast to develop the rural tourism in Sawarna?