ASSIGNMENT-Urban Tourist Attraction Development

1. Given that Singapore has few natural tourist resources and an uncomfortable climate, but still high scale of tourist visitation. Manmade tourist attraction, such theme park started by Sentosa Island and now established already Universal Studio Singapore (USS). Shopping mall could attract tourist from Indonesia country to spend their money. Hotel with unique modern concept and with its limited landuse, main street of the city is used for night F1 race. Then you can imagine the attractiveness of Singapore as an urban tourism. On the other hand, Singapore is a city with given name as 'fine city' meant every against the regulation will be fined, for example, smoking, littering and spitting not in an appropriate place.

Please answer the following questions:

a. Why has it been such succesful urban tourist destination with limited landuse?

b. What is actually the unique selling point of Singapore?

c. Why does it have a nick name of 'fine city'?